Thursday, August 4, 2011

TEC Podcast: Episode 29: Shit, I'm Gonna Get My Shirt Dirty

It's a ninja challenge Enemaniacs! With Episode 29 we bring you legendary chopsocky B-movie director, Godfrey Ho, 1987's NINJA KILL that involved at least five scenes with ninjas we think! We know this because their headbands labeled them as such. My guests include The Friendly Voices Podcast co-hosts, comedian Adam Firestone and art guy/visionary Barry Blankenship! Expect KFC biscuit shout-outs, a Green Lantern review (sort of) and several apologies.

TEC Podcast: Episode 28: We Had Enough!

It's Episode 28 Enemaniacs and not only do I bring you hilarious returning guest, comedian Travis Vogt, but also brand new funny guests, Scarecrow Video employee Alex Thomas and Brainwreck Trivia show host Michele Colyn who bore gifts of roadhouse tea and gigantic marshmallows! Our brain-exploding, blood rain inducing and slime-filled film of the night was 1986's NEON MANIACS about a bunch of rampaging mutants that live under a bridge and like to axe and arrow stupid rich white teenagers! We discuss the cinematic genius that is this movie, learn 1980's cafeteria segregation slang and discuss my ousting by the Burger King Kid's Club. There will be blood (rain).