Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On The Next Episode of...TEC: LIVES!!!...

"This is a war, not a game...."

Summer's pretty much over and to mourn it's passing, we're going out with an exploitative bang! For the September episode of *The Enematic Cinematic: LIVES!!, we're screening 1990's action-packed, boob-filled, ball-busting, revenge fantasy ridiculousness, BLOOD GAMES starring a bunch of creepy, mistake-making rednecks and a broken down bus full of bad-ass female soft ball players that are ready to settle the score!

Hosted by:
ELICIA SANCHEZ (Comedian/TEC Creator/Lover of Tackiness)
TRAVIS VOGT & KEVIN CLARKE (Comedians/Filmmakers/Major Movie Nerds)
and special guest:
BRANDON IVEY (Humorist/Talk-show Host/Visionary)

PLUS trivia w/prizes from The White Rabbit and Scarecrow Video!! Specially themed drink specials!! And a generally good time!!

We'll also be having an extremely late, but totally necessary birthday celebration for co-host TRAVIS VOGT during the show with even more surprising prizes than usual!!

Doors @ 7:30
Show starts @ 8:00 PM

*Every month at The White Rabbit in Fremont, The Enematic Cinematic LIVES brings you the awesomely fun experience of watching a shitty movie with friends, strangers and booze, combined with a live taping of The Enematic Cinematic Podcast starring you as a live audience person and featuring some of the funniest comics/performers and general randoms off the street in town! COME for the horribly shitty movie w/comedic commentary and STAY for The Enematic Cinematic Podcast taping LIVE! NO COVER!

Sponsored by Scarecrow Video
Produced by Children of the Atom


TEC Podcast: Episode 48: TEC LIVES!: What's Yor Is Mine!

It's the 48th episode of the podcast and the 4th installment of TEC: Lives at The White Rabbit! For this pre-hysterical episode, we and an actual audience sat through the beautiful entirety of 1983's sci-fi/fantasy/pre-historic/action/romance/non-epic YOR, HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE, starring B-movie ranconteur Reb Brown, a bunch of purple cavemen and a Volkswagen bug in a dinosaur suit!  My guests on this live episode include filmmakers/comedians TRAVIS VOGT and KEVIN CLARKE of ClarketheVogt Productions and comedian/actress JENNIFER BURDETTE! Expect tanning tips, butt shots, dino-bashing, the soothing sounds of a bearded woman, ZERO yor mama jokes and Kevin Clarke's BEST. RAP. EVER. 

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TEC Podcast: Episode 47: TEC LIVES!: Can Somebody Bring Me A Shot?

Not only is it Episode 47 of TEC (finally) but it's the very second TEC LIVES! That's right, live on location at The White Rabbit in Fremont in front of an existing and fully functional live studio audience, mostly!  For this episode we screened the marvelously shitastic action flick starring Playmate boobs and cancer snakes, 1987's HARD TICKET TO HAWAII! 1 dead blow up doll, 2 bags of diamonds and 3 cunnilingus comments later, we recorded Episode 47 LIVE w/special guests comedian/Seattle Lust Tour host SARAH SKILLING, Rat City Rollergirl MC/Xtreme Pencil Fighting Ringmaster JAKE STRATTON and comedian/actor/speaker of truths OWEN STRAW!  Expect personal stories about Dolemite, a lacking of coconuts, acid flashbacks, rapping about cancer and the faint noise of the few people that stayed after the movie!

*This and all TEC Podcast episodes are available on our Podbean site and on iTunes!