Tuesday, September 18, 2012

TEC Podcast: Episode 48: TEC LIVES!: What's Yor Is Mine!

It's the 48th episode of the podcast and the 4th installment of TEC: Lives at The White Rabbit! For this pre-hysterical episode, we and an actual audience sat through the beautiful entirety of 1983's sci-fi/fantasy/pre-historic/action/romance/non-epic YOR, HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE, starring B-movie ranconteur Reb Brown, a bunch of purple cavemen and a Volkswagen bug in a dinosaur suit!  My guests on this live episode include filmmakers/comedians TRAVIS VOGT and KEVIN CLARKE of ClarketheVogt Productions and comedian/actress JENNIFER BURDETTE! Expect tanning tips, butt shots, dino-bashing, the soothing sounds of a bearded woman, ZERO yor mama jokes and Kevin Clarke's BEST. RAP. EVER. 

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