Tuesday, September 18, 2012

TEC Podcast: Episode 47: TEC LIVES!: Can Somebody Bring Me A Shot?

Not only is it Episode 47 of TEC (finally) but it's the very second TEC LIVES! That's right, live on location at The White Rabbit in Fremont in front of an existing and fully functional live studio audience, mostly!  For this episode we screened the marvelously shitastic action flick starring Playmate boobs and cancer snakes, 1987's HARD TICKET TO HAWAII! 1 dead blow up doll, 2 bags of diamonds and 3 cunnilingus comments later, we recorded Episode 47 LIVE w/special guests comedian/Seattle Lust Tour host SARAH SKILLING, Rat City Rollergirl MC/Xtreme Pencil Fighting Ringmaster JAKE STRATTON and comedian/actor/speaker of truths OWEN STRAW!  Expect personal stories about Dolemite, a lacking of coconuts, acid flashbacks, rapping about cancer and the faint noise of the few people that stayed after the movie!

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