Sunday, March 4, 2012

TEC Podcast: Episode 42: It's Much More Comfortable Down Here

Episode 42 is filled with thrills, spills and...cheese puffs! We watched the shit out of 1985's GRUNT! THE WRESTLING MOVIE, a mockumentary about wrestler Mad Dog DeCurso (Magic Schwarz), the head pop heard 'round the world and a masked maniac! Our wrestploitation turd stars actual wrestlers, made up wrestlers, poodles and Rebecca De Mornay's dad! My guests/fellow beer drinkers are comedians and wrestling "experts" JASON GOAD and OWEN STRAW! Expect straight up RAW conversations about X-Men, Conan commentary, natural cheese, insider wrestling nerd outs and an actual on air chair break!

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Owen Straw and my chair have an awkward break up.