Saturday, January 21, 2012

TEC Podcast: Episode 40: Welcome To The Ice Age

It's a brand new snowed in, claustrophobic, wine soaked episode of TEC, where in the spirit of the current Seattle snow storm, Producer Mark (aka Mark Allender) and myself decided to have our very own special episode to kill the time alone with each other! The shitty movie on deck for the night is appropriately, 1991's COOL AS ICE starring Vanilla Ice and other people! Prepare to hear several racist black-cents, the loss of teenaged innocence, a genuine moment of horror and another one of my unnecessary stories in over sharing!

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Friday, January 20, 2012

B-Movie Trailer Of The Day!

Happy SNOW DAY Enemaniacs!  This is what we've been watching over at TEC while trapped in our apartment.  While incredibly 90's and shitty, it has really helped calm our misplaced anger towards all the douche bags snowboarding down the hill/street outside our window.  Skate or die Shred till you're dead, bra!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Rewind This!, a documentary about the history and culture surrounding VHS tapes, distribution, art and nostalgia, is currently in the post-production stage! Created from the brains and tireless work of Josh Johnson, Carolee Mitchell and Christopher Palmer of Austin, TX based IPF Productions, this upcoming definitive documentary about the home video cinema includes interviews with Cassandra Peterson (better known as Elvira!), Lloyd Kaufman (Founder of Troma Entertainment!), Charles Band (Founder of Full Moon Features) and more!
Carolee, Josh and Christopher
with Troma founder, Lloyd Kaufman!

If you have some extra change lying around, I suggest you make a donation to help this film into completion rather than a donation to your local McDonalds. Why am I pushing this so hard? Well obviously I love shitty movies and I love shitty movie art and I love shitty movies and shitty movie art on VHS. So hard.  Check out the trailer.  It will make you happy.

Oh and also I forgot to mention, I'm totally interviewed co-representing Scarecrow Video and The Enematic Cinematic in this documentary too!  You're welcome!

Douchebaggery is finally
properly portrayed on your silver screen!
P.S. Unless my scenes are completely cut, which is LIKELY, TEC will be featured it all it's glory in the finished product!  What is for sure is that for now, I'm TOTALLY in the trailer!

TEC Podcast Episode 39: Thank You For Your Service

Happy New Year's Enemaniacs!  Just for you guys we threw together a special New Year's Eve episode full of blow job jokes, a giant cheese bowl, violent assaults, a scandalous story (not really) about "actor" Andy Dick and discussions about the difference between consent and permission!  We stayed awake (most of us) through the entirety of 1987's British horror film, BLOODY NEW YEAR about a bunch of shipwrecked British teens sort of stranded at a ghost hotel that is perpetually stuck in a New Year's Eve haunted party triangle.  Stayed awake!  My guests are returning friend of TEC, comedian, EMMETT MONTGOMERY, visiting from New York, comedian DANIEL CARROLL and friend of comedy/Dan's childhood friend, ex-marine, PETER TRAN!  Might want to keep your mace handy for this one.

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TEC Podcast Episode 38: Choosy Ladies Choose JIFF

For the last Christmas episode of 2011, our shitty movie of the evening was double the fun since it was a shitty rip-off of another shitty movie!  It's the 1998 lowest budget version of almost every Christmas movie ever made, the straight to DVD non-heart-warming holiday masterpiece, DEAR SANTA starring Santa's Village of Sacramento, CA and the scripts of The Santa Clause, one of the versions of A Christmas Carol and A Christmas Story, respectively.  My guests for this episode include comedians, ROSALIE GALE and JESSICA STRAUSS!  Expect holiday music, owl rapping and I pose the eternal would you rather question, peanut butter or penis?

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TEC Podcast Episode 37: They'll Think We're A Couple Of Gays!

It's our first horrible holiday TEC episode of 2012 and in the spirit of the reason for the season or whatever, for Episode 37, we drank our way through bloody British Santa slasher, DON'T OPEN TILL CHRISTMAS!  Made in 1984 and coming all the way from the land that invented dry humor and slavery!  My guests include artist/fellow Scarecrow Video employee, MARC PALM and comedian CORBETT CUMMINS!  Expect fart barn shout outs, a London Dungeon, Charlie Brown Hip Hop beats and obviously SPOT ON British accents!

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TEC Podcast Episode 36: It's Blood And It's Coming From No Where!

It's THANKSGIVING at TEC and to celebrate we broke open some corner store wine, cream cheese and crackers and sat through 1983's Native-sploitation revenge flick, SCALPS! A group of twenty-something hippies set out to illegally gather Native artifacts in the desert for college "research" and low and behold, the Native American puppet ghosts and cat faced people in the area aren't having it! My guests for this decapitating, drum thumping episode are comedic writer/professional organizer, MICHELE COLYN and comedian BEN UDASHEN! Expect dad conversations, rapping over Native drumming, a fried bread song, revelations on Tim McGraw and an on air temper tantrum.  Happy Thanksgiving Enemaniacs!!!

TEC Podcast Episode 35: You Can't Have Ice Cream Without Whipped Cream

First of all, we need to have a moment of silence for hip hop legend, Heavy D.  Then you should listen to Episode 35 where guest comedians, DAN DUARTE and DEVIN BADOO and I sat through horror/heavy metal film BLACK ROSES from 1988 about demons posing as a rock band to steal teenage small town souls starring denim and mustaches!  Expect several tributes to Heavy D, conversations on Nutter Butters, raps about demons and serious amounts of insensitivity regarding obesity!  Yay!

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TEC Podcast Episode 34: It's Okay, I Found The Wine

It's a special Halloween-themed Episode 34 of TEC recorded before Halloween and posted promptly on November 1st! We watched possibly one of the most BORING movies I've ever seen and definitely the WORST Halloween-themed movie I've ever seen, 1982's TRICK OR TREATS. My guests for this episode are comedians and Delicious Mediocrity co-hosts, DEREK SHEEN and DOUGLAS GALE! Expect spooky sounds, weed-fueled chit chat about Steve Perry and a fist pumping true story about Judas Priest front man, Rob Halford!

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