Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TEC Podcast Episode 39: Thank You For Your Service

Happy New Year's Enemaniacs!  Just for you guys we threw together a special New Year's Eve episode full of blow job jokes, a giant cheese bowl, violent assaults, a scandalous story (not really) about "actor" Andy Dick and discussions about the difference between consent and permission!  We stayed awake (most of us) through the entirety of 1987's British horror film, BLOODY NEW YEAR about a bunch of shipwrecked British teens sort of stranded at a ghost hotel that is perpetually stuck in a New Year's Eve haunted party triangle.  Stayed awake!  My guests are returning friend of TEC, comedian, EMMETT MONTGOMERY, visiting from New York, comedian DANIEL CARROLL and friend of comedy/Dan's childhood friend, ex-marine, PETER TRAN!  Might want to keep your mace handy for this one.

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