Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TEC Podcast Episode 36: It's Blood And It's Coming From No Where!

It's THANKSGIVING at TEC and to celebrate we broke open some corner store wine, cream cheese and crackers and sat through 1983's Native-sploitation revenge flick, SCALPS! A group of twenty-something hippies set out to illegally gather Native artifacts in the desert for college "research" and low and behold, the Native American puppet ghosts and cat faced people in the area aren't having it! My guests for this decapitating, drum thumping episode are comedic writer/professional organizer, MICHELE COLYN and comedian BEN UDASHEN! Expect dad conversations, rapping over Native drumming, a fried bread song, revelations on Tim McGraw and an on air temper tantrum.  Happy Thanksgiving Enemaniacs!!!

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