Monday, February 25, 2013

TEC Podcast: Episode 52: The Enematic Cinematic LIVES!!: Stop All Your Crying Business!

It's Episode 52 with another horrible holiday themed rousing addition of the LIVE version of the show! Since it was the December edish of the show, we gifted ourselves and our audience with not only our main feature, 1984 crazy kid French film, I BELIEVE IN SANTA CLAUS (aka HERE COMES SANTA CLAUS), but as a special Christmas bonus, we also watched 1994 straight-to-video nightmare, WE WISH YOU A TURTLE CHRISTMAS (watch at your own risk and for god sakes, be SOBER).  Also, in appropriate X-mas fashion, myself, along with my co-hosts, KEVIN CLARKE and TRAVIS VOGT, precede to imbibe in much merriment (aka whiskey) in order to catch up with much merrier special guest of the evening, rapper/wrestler/performer/professional clown, JOSH BLACK (aka WXPFL's Ronald McFondle)! Expect puppy tosses, child endangerment, tater tot balls and several shots!


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