Sunday, May 29, 2011

TEC Podcast: Episode 27: Those Aren't Guys, Those Are Comedians!

In this very special and educational Episode 27, I bring you two Seattle comedy legends in one room with one bag of cheese puffs! It's Carl Warmenhoven, also manager of the legendary Seattle area comedy club, The Comedy Underground and the legend himself, James Heneghen aka Heneghen! I don't know how we convinced them to come on our little show Enemaniacs, but you're welcome! Also along for the ride is my friend and fellow comic, the hilarious Yogi Paliwal! Listen in as discuss the viewing of an instructional video that Carl and fellow Seattle comics made in 1997 titled, STAND-UP COMEDY 101! Expect mic advice, tampon jokes and several sudden deaths. Also, our SECOND walk out on the podcast (but for a better reason than Yogi's original one)!

*You can download this and all TEC podcast episodes here and on iTunes under The Enematic Cinematic!

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