Sunday, May 15, 2011

TEC Self Promotion!

If you love The Enematic Cinematic either blog or podcast...or even if you just don't hate are a few bits of self promotion.  You can now follow us on that twittering twitter thing as EnemaCinema!  You can also like us or internet be-friend us on Facebook!  Plus, I've updated the Podbean site to include photos and trailer links with each podcast episode as well as re-added the first 10 episodes that had been off the site for a while!  Re-experience the "human centipede brown ball" comment I made from Ep. 6! My epic interview with Alamo Drafthouse Cinema booker Zack Carlson in Ep. 15! Yogi Paliwal's walk out on Ep. 17 or my mom rapping in Ep. 20!  All podcast episodes are also available for download on iTunes!  So please enjoy this shit and let me know I'm not a complete asshole by doing one or more of those things!  I need it.

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