Saturday, October 29, 2011

TEC Podcast: Episode 32: aaaaAAHHHH!

For Episode 32 we watched an infamous B-movie you may have actually seen for once, 1986's when-gymnastics-meets-karate-action-spy-thriller, GYMKATA! My guests include graphic designer/photographer/Scarecrow Video alumni ALEX THOMAS, stand up comedian and fellow Children of the Atom member, CORBETT CUMMINS and movie lover/avid TEC listener DEVIN SHERIDAN (aka Little Bear)! We discuss Corbett's members only jacket, stunt man screams, the greatest b-movie trailer ever made, give my best friend a rude wake up call and have our third ever episode walk off!!

*This and all TEC Podcast episodes are available at the the Podbean site and on iTunes.

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