Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Enematic Cinematic: LIVES!!! AGAIN!!!

Your guide to the golden garbage of rightfully undiscovered cinema, local film podcast, The Enematic Cinematic, is hosting its very second live show, THE ENEMATIC CINEMATIC: LIVES! May 22, at The White Rabbit (513 North 36th Street) in Fremont! A show that will guarantee to be one of the most terrifying or terrific Tuesday nights of your life probably!

This time around, we will be screening 1988's sucky summertime slasher, CHEERLEADER CAMP aka BLOODY POM POMS, “starring” Lucinda Dickey (Special K from Breakin’), Leif Garret (former 70’s teen heartthrob) and boobs!

Commentary and podcast taping provided by special guests:

-MISS ANITA GOODMANN (adored entertainer and socialite)
-DEREK SHEEN (comic genius, esteemed actor, human hug)
-PAUL MERRILL (comedy vet, prolific writer, maker of merriment) 

The show is absolutely FREE and will feature drink and movie prizes as well as drink specials!

Vern from Ain’t It Cool News and author of Seagalogy: A Story of the Ass-Kicking Films of Steven Seagal was forced to call The Enematic Cinematic, "...Interesting." while Lindy West of the online site Jezebel  was tricked into referring to it as, "...Cleansing?" Come see for yourself what all the non-fuss is about!

Booze will be drank, jokes will be had and bonds will be broken, it's THE ENEMATIC CINEMATIC...LIVES! Presented by Children of the Atom and sponsored by Scarecrow Video!

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