Monday, May 7, 2012

TEC Podcast: Episode 45: Totally Awesome Spicy Mayonnaise!

Okay you guys, like totally bag the noise and get ready for Episode 45, with 1983's video arcade sex comedy, JOYSTICKS, starring Uncle Rico, hot dogs, an actress from Surf II and JO DON BAKER!  My guests this episode include my friends and fellow members of my comedy group, Children of the Atom, CORBETT CUMMINS and SCOTT LOSSE! Expect really lame impressions, a shout out to Designing Women, remembering Eco the Dolphin, the secret recipe for Dom DeLuise's spicy chipotle mayonnaise and the phrase "sweet co*k" A LOT.

*This and all TEC Podcast episodes are available on our Podbean site and on iTunes!

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