Friday, November 30, 2012

B-Movie Trailer Of The Day

Since today is by definition is November 30, which by logic is the last day of November, the only conclusion to draw from this is tomorrow is INDEED the first day of December!  What does this mean, you didn't ask?  Well, that we can officially get into the horror-ible holiday spirit, of course!!  Though we at TEC, love ourselves some shitty Santa slashers (and God, do we), this year we thought we'd do something a little different and with a little more depth.  That's right, Enemaniacs, this X-mas, we are going to make sure we remember the reason for the season with "Horror-ible Holidays at TEC 2012" focusing on none other than the beloved genre of Godsploitation!  Expect demonic doings, raspy voices, lots of vomit and possible religious awakenings all month long!

To kick off our Horrible Holidays series, we give you the B-Movie Trailer of The Day, 1974 Exorcist rip-off, BEYOND THE DOOR (aka Behind The Door, The Devil Within Her, Who Are You?) starring some swearing ginger children, a swarthy guy in leather and Hayley Mills' sister, Sister Mills!  Prepare to be scared of pregnancy!

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