Monday, April 8, 2013

TEC Podcast: Episode 55: The Enematic Cinematic LIVES!!: Hand Over The Disk Or We'll Tenderize Your Butt!!

Get ready to wipe the steam off your iPod screens, Enemaniacs, because this one's gonna be HOT!  It's Episode 55 of TEC recorded live at The White Rabbit in Fremont with this month's sexy Stamosy spy thriller, 1986's NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DIE starring John Stamos, Vanity, Gene Simmons, Robert Englund and George Lazenby. No, I'm serious. Did I mention that John Stamos is the son of a secret spy who must avenge his father's death after he is murdered by an evil transexual mastermind played by Gene Simmons?? Join the TEC Crew and this month's guest, comedian NICK SAHOYAH as we dissect this only-on-VHS enematic espionage, that's if we don't get lost in Stamos' steamy stare for too long...Expect real tongue talk, the untold story of Vanity's horse saddle, sad theme music, butt tenderizing and the broadcast debut of our #1 new Enemaniac, EMILY!

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