Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Enematic Cinematic: LIVES!! April Episode!: THE LORDS OF MAGICK (1989)

In a not-so-far-off land and a somewhat magical place, there presides a band of merry miscreants whose only pleasures are the pursuit of bountiful ales, the consumption of tatered tots and the viewing of catastrophically crappy cinema!  They be the cursed TEC LIVES Crew and this eventide, thoust presence is graciously requested by order of the Queen to join Lady ELICIA of SANCHEZ, Sir KEVIN of CLARKE, Sir TRAVIS of VOGT, Duke PRODUCER MARK of ALLENDER and verily handsome special April guest, Lord PAUL of MERRILL as we partake in a cost free screening of year nineteen eighty of nine shot-on-video non-masterpiece, LORDS OF MAGICK! Beware, young traveler, for there will be Witches! Wizards! Wigs! Fair maidens! Terrible beasts! And even more terrible special effects! Gifts of Kingly riches by way of Scarecrow Video and Ugly Baby Shower Art!  And ales all around! Do as thou wilt, but methinks thou shan't miss such splendid revelry!  So, if ye be brave...your quest awaits! We will see thee post haste, for tonight WE WINE IN FREMONT!

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