Monday, September 16, 2013

TEC Podcast: Episode 61: Besides, I'm Beta And You're VHS!

WE'RE BACK in the safety of our cramped apartment where the beer is sort of free and the cheese puffs are super stale! Thanks to Producer Mark's tinkering capabilities, his sound board is officially off the fritz and we've got our first non-live episode since last summer! To welcome us home is 1989's only-on-VHS seriously weird slasher, DEATH SPA, about a killer disabled ghost wife who with the help of her male twin she possesses off and on, is wreaking havoc at her widowed husband's sexy 80's gym! Also, computers are involved. Back on the couch, we have brand new very special guest all the way from Austin, director of the new VHS documentary REWIND THIS, Josh Johnson! Expect confusing kills, confessions from the cutting room floor, my vain attempts to remain sober and a Producer Mark secret reveal (kind of)!

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