Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Enematic Cinematic: LIVES!! September Episode: TEEN WITCH (1989)

"Just go talk to him!"
"Are you kidding? I'd be so embarrassed. Look at how funky he is."

You guys, omigod, it's like, totally fall again! While some of us are heading back to school (gag) and some of us are just going back to work (mega gag), some of us, (specifically TEC crew members Travis 'Sweet Tea' Vogt, Elicia 'Doctor Sanchez' Sanchez and special guest Jennifer Burdette are all celebrating their birthdays! To help ring in another year(s) tacked onto 30, we're having a special bad movie birthday blow out with a totally unnecessary 80's slumber party theme! That's right dudes, it's a straight up PAJAMA JAM. Come enjoy the totally terrible 80's teen comedy, TEEN WITCH (starring Blake Lively's older sister) about a nerd who finds out she has special magical spell-casting powers! Will she finally get to french that guy with the face and the car? Will Robert Blake's son do a lot of free-style "rapping"? Will the 80's be fully represented in a super 80's way? All of this and more at the next TEC: LIVES!!
Don't forget to wear YO JAMS (aka your favorite pajamas)!!


Hosted by:
(Comedian/TEC Creator/Lover of Tackiness)
(Comedians/Filmmakers/­Major Movie Nerds)
Technical Adviser/DJ:
(Artist/Cartoonist/­Producer Of Things)

Special guestS
(Writer/Humorist/Hair Artist/Birthday Buddy)
(Comedian/Lady of Leisure/Karaoke connoisseur)

PLUS TRUTH OR DIE and GIRL TALK questions w/prizes from The White Rabbit, Scarecrow Video and Ugly Baby Shower Art!! Specially themed cocktail concoctions that will make your toils and troubles disappear and a magically good time!

Doors @ 7:30
Show starts @ 8:00 PM
Be sure to come early and enjoy some totally terrible b-movies trailers from 7:30 'til showtime!!

Every month at The White Rabbit in Fremont, The Enematic Cinematic LIVES brings you the awesomely fun experience of watching a shitty movie with friends, strangers and booze, combined with a live taping of The Enematic Cinematic Podcast starring you as a live audience person and featuring some of the funniest comics/performers and general randoms off the street in town! The movies will always be bad, but the times will always be good! COME for the horribly shitty movie w/comedic commentary and STAY for The Enematic Cinematic Podcast taping LIVE! NO COVER!
Here's what people we know said about TEC: LIVES!!: 

"A little gem...you don't want to miss it!"--GeekWire.com
"Interesting."--Vern, AintItCoolNews.com
"Cleansing?"--Lindy West, Jezebel.com

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Real People. Reel Talk. Really Bad Movies.

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