Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Enematic Cinematic: LIVES!! October Episode: HACK-O-LANTERN (1988)!

"But Mom, I like the taste of blood! Grandpa says it's good for me."

On this night, bathed in the light of a harvest moon, fairly close to the week before the week before All Hallows Eve, we bring you a tale of won-ton witchcraft, a family curse and monstrously bad metal, it's 1988's HACK-O-LANTERN about a mother trying to stop her oldest son Tommy from his destiny as the spawn of Satan and his creepy grandpa who is the head of a secret sacrificing people cult and wears way too many silver rings!! Just when it couldn't get wackier, a masked killer is on the loose, hacking and slashing everything BUT pumpkins!! Will the masked killer totally ruin the Halloween party at Town Hall? Will Tommy complete his grandpa's ritual and finally front the devil's metal band? Will this town ever run out of candles and pentagram jewelry?? Find out at TEC LIVES

Hosted by:
(Comedian/TEC Creator/Lover of Tackiness)
(Comedians/Filmmakers/­Major Movie Nerds)
Technical Adviser/DJ:
(Artist/Cartoonist/­Producer Of Things)

Special guest
(Comedian/Craftsman/Retired Warlock)

PLUS trivia w/prizes from The White Rabbit, Scarecrow Video and Ugly Baby and La Ru!! Specially themed devilishly delicious cocktails to appease your taste buds and a frighteningly good time!!

Doors @ 7:30
Show starts @ 8:00 PM
Be sure to come early and enjoy some totally terrible b-movies trailers from 7:30 'til showtime!!

Every month at The White Rabbit in Fremont, The Enematic Cinematic LIVES brings you the awesomely fun experience of watching a shitty movie with friends, strangers and booze, combined with a live taping of The Enematic Cinematic Podcast starring you as a live audience person and featuring some of the funniest comics/performers and general randoms off the street in town! The movies will always be bad, but the times will always be good! COME for the horribly shitty movie w/comedic commentary and STAY for The Enematic Cinematic Podcast taping LIVE! NO COVER!!

Here's what people we know said about TEC: LIVES!!: 

"A little don't want to miss it!"
"Cleansing?"--Lindy West,
Sponsored by Scarecrow Video

Real People. Reel Talk. Really Bad Movies.

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