Thursday, July 29, 2010


Since clearly, shitty video viewing and analyzation is more of a audio medium, I present THE ENEMATIC CINEMATIC PODCAST!  I, unnotable non-movie-expert will be hosting a new episode each week (in theory) centering around a different specific B-movie turd!  Each episode I will force my friends, acquaintances and whoever else I can bribe with beer to watch an awful movie, after which we will lament our woes or express gratitude via the podcast.  Weekly installments will include, "What Did You Learn From This Movie?", "Favorite Quotes", "Tallys (see Hard Ticket to Hawaii tally post)", "Name From The Credits That Sounds Like a Dick" and MORE!  So come and let me be your guide on a cinematic journey into the world of (rightfully) undiscovered cinema!

First up, the mildy charming 1988's DEAD HEATPiscoponian performances galore!  Plus, average looking women!  Plus, unexplained, two-faced fat biker zombies!  Though usually TEC sucks at foreplay, we'll give you a little something to get you in the mood...


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