Saturday, July 31, 2010


"You have the right to remain disgustin'..."

For your listening enjoyment, I give you the first ever podcast episode of The Enematic Cinematic, your
Live fat, die hard
guide to the watchable worst of video store cinema!  In this very special inaugural episode, we delve into the deeper questions of life, death, should you change that sweat stained muscle tee or is air drying okay and most importantly whether you can or can't keep a good cop dead.

With me on this favor journey are local indie filmmaker Jason Ryan (real adult feelings) and global film blogger Colin Thiel (aint no snob)!  Together we all know a thing or two about a thing or two.  So please, sit back, sip your cold refreshing brew (you may want to drink through this one) and enjoy our reflections and revelations on the buddy zombie cop classic, 1988's Dead Heat.  Also, R.I.P. Joe Piscopo Phil Hartman...

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  1. I am really fucking funny on this thing. You and Colin aren't that bad either. Huzzah for the internet! Seriously though, thanks for having us on. I would be happy to return anytime. Good work to all involved.

  2. Way to drag these two film buffs into the muckity ick of movie mud Elicia! FYI, since I'm old and wise, Treat Williams is probably most famous for his role in the hippie-tastic musical Hair! It may explain a little why he's so sensitive and soft spoken. He's a fuggin' flower child. Nice job though gang.