Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Suggested Shit For The Week...

This week in suggested shit, I encourage you to check out a very funny and revealing podcast by a friend of mine and former TEC Podcast guest, filmmaker Jason Ryan.  The podcast is called Real Adult Feelings and it's pretty self explanatory, but don't worry, there is a lot of sarcasm and wit in case being all open with your friends sometimes makes you uncomfortable like it does me.  The hosts of the podcast, Jason and "Billy Bones" are just two twenty-something dudes talking about relationships, sex and other stuff.  It's pretty entertaining and sometimes even informative. 

They recently kicked off season two a few weeks ago and to start off, had myself and previous TEC Podcast guest Colin Thiel as their vey first guests of the season.  If you want to know about period guns, the time Colin passed up sex for The Birds, Billy Bones' revelations at Burning Man, Jason's New York regrets, the time I genuinely thought I was a werewolf and how I really feel about my shitty ex-boyfriend from high school, you can check out our particular episode, "Missed Opportunities (& AIDS)" HERE!  For all other episodes check out the link on Real Adult Feelings above or download them on iTunes!

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