Thursday, November 18, 2010

TEC Podcast: Episode 15: Destroy All Movies!

It's our most epic episode yet!  Hold on to your ball sacks (or lack there of) Enemaniacs because for Episode 15, I managed to get some celebrities and personal heroes of mine on the podcast!  Gracing us with their thoughts and rap stylings this episode are writers/film lovers/VHS vigilantes and all around funny dudes, Zack Carlson and Bryan Connolly, writers of the brand new movie compendium published by Seattle's own Fantagraphics, "Destroy All Movies: The Complete Guide to Punks on Film!"  The credits that make them expert guests for this podcast are endless...formally employees of Seattle's awesome independently-owned video store Scarecrow Video, hosts for seven consecutive years of the Olympia Film Festival all night B-movie extravaganza "All Freakin' Night," film booker for Austin's Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (Zack), manager of Austin's awesome independently owned video store Vulcan Video (Bryan) and of course, editors of this amazing book, "Destroy All Movies..."

These guys spent seven years going through video tapes and DVDs one by one made in the mid-seventies to the late nineties searching for any sign of any kind of a punk rocker on film.  They compiled years of research and determination into one amazing colorful movie guide which you can and should buy either here on Amazon or from Scarecrow Video!

I managed to bribe them into TEC headquarters (slash my apartment) to talk about one of their favorite movies to incorporate punk as well as one of the best 80's party movies of all time, 1984's Surf II starring iconic nerd actor Eddie Deezen as Menlo Schwartzer, a mad nerd scientist plotting to take revenge against the surfers (one of them being Eric Stoltz) that harassed him in high school by creating a new toxic waste tainted soda called Buzzz Cola that turns all that drink it into mindless, garbage-eating punk rockers!  Too Rude!

We talk the book, remembering VHS, the behind the scenes stories of Surf II, Zack and Bryan's diner interview with the legend Eddie Deezen himself and we even manage to talk a little shit about Portland in there.  This episode only lives by one rules!

Currently Surf II is only available on VHS (if you don't have a VHS player, you don't like movies).  There isn't a trailer available online, but even better, you can watch the entire thing in parts on YouTube here.  You can also check out in parts, the road tour of Alamo Draft House's Cinemapocalypse with our guest from this episode, Zack Carlson screening and talking more on Surf II as well as a mini-Surf II cast reunion here!

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