Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Nevermind, Rewind Cinematic Turd of the Week

The Nevermind, Rewind movie of the week was actually recommended to my heterosexual roommate/romantic partner by a friend/video store employee.  Generally this friend and I have similiar cinematic taste, except for maybe the extended diner dialogue scenes of Quentin Tarantino, but on that we'll just have to agree to disagree.  Anybut, the movie this week that I failed to finish was 1986's America 3000, directed by David Engelbach, the writer of such classics as Over the Top and Death Wish IIAmerica 3000 was Engelbach's one and only film in the director's chair, the rest of his resume includes the aforementioned films and an episode of MacGuyver.  This movie seemed to initially have a lot of potential, it is set in the post-apocalyptic world of Colorado, 900 years into the future after the future American nuclear holocaust.  Humans live nomadic existences in tribes ruled by "Amazon" women.  Apparently the female tribal leaders are totally bitchy and the men are mostly stupid, kept as slaves or "couplers" which I guess are the decent looking ones with attractive penises.  Hopefully they keep track of this genepool and don't later accidentally bone their sons.   Apparently there are two characters who are averagely smart and decide to break free and hope to teach the women to love again so they can put thoses bitches back in the kitchen I guess.  Sounds pretty good so far, right?  Of course, this information is all from the description on the back of the tape. 

The actual movie does involve girls with whips and dim-witted slave guys that are separated in groups of "slaves" and "couplers," but other than that, I really had no fucking clue what was going on in this thing.  The set blew major coupler cock and the almost all the scenes just draaaaaggg on.  This is the post-apocalypse assholes!  Where's the action?  At least put on some rollerblades or build a Thunder Dome or form a rape gang or something.  I got about twenty minutes deep into this one before I turned it off.  It could have been my fatigue and or the alcohol, but I was less than entertained.  It seems to have potential though so maybe I'll revisit this one in the future just to be sure, then again, it will most likely be on a night when I'm tired and drinking (also known as every night).    

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