Sunday, October 31, 2010

TEC Podcast: Epiosde 12: I Like Her Teddy

It’s Episode 12 of the podcast and frankly, I’m worried.  Not really about the episode, but about ever having children.  The movie chosen for this episode is 1981’s The Pit which can also be known as 1981’s birth control.  It’s cheaper and it won’t cause cancer.  The Pit tells the story of little fucked up 12 year-old Jamie, who is an odd child that is teased and tormented by his classmates and as a result, he creates an evil voice in his head for his teddy bear, becomes incredibly perverted and luckily for him, just happens to discover a pit filled with ancient meat-eating monsters he calls Trolologs.  Initially stealing money and buying meat to toss into the pit, he eventually begins tossing people he thinks deserve to be eaten alive.  During this time he is watched for the summer by an attractive babysitter who decides to never wear a bra.  Uncomfortable boners ensue.  Unfortunately the trailer is not available online, so instead enjoy the wacky/creepy clip below.  There is an even creepier clip available online, but I thought I'd let you make that choice on your own.  If you want to check out pervy Jamie in all his perverted glory, click here.

Along on this journey through violent puberty and child psychology, are returning guests, comedian Emmett Montgomery and artist/illustrator Carina Simmons as well as BRAND NEW guest, comedian David TV!  We discuss our own awkward childhoods, the origins of David’s last name, the psychology of Emmett Montgomery and of course our over all disturbing group experience that was The Pit!  Listen to our group therapy session after this movie below!

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