Thursday, October 14, 2010

TEC Podcast: Episode 11: I Had Gas

It’s a randomly jerk-flavored reggae tinged episode of TEC! Sort of.  We’ve reached double digits and to celebrate our dedication, we decided to punish ourselves with a surprisingly brilliant B-movie, 1991's Popcorn which is about a group of community college theatre major misfits that decide to put on a 50's-60's throw back horror movie fest at a soon to be torn down old movie palace. Though the night starts out a success, things get good gory when each of them begin being stalked and killed by a trippin' dicks film cult hippie from the 60’s whose acid-induced film Possessor in which he murders his family for real, was filmed at that very theater!  Who knew?  Thankfully if you’re too lazy to head out to the video store to pick it up, it is available in parts on YouTube here.  Check out the trailer below!


Also in celebration of TEC's tweens, I invited back my very fist guests from Episode 1, filmmaker Jason Ryan and film blogger Colin Thiel!  Reggae is bashed, people are murdered by giant mosquitoes, pig-dicks are invented and most importantly, Jason and Colin finally rap! Sort of. Big ups to beer and shitty movies!  Take a listen.

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