Friday, October 22, 2010

TEC Podcast: Episode 11: We Accept The Challenge

It’s Episode 11 and I’ve brought in some experts to help me deal with this shit kicking Canadian musical horror movie appropriately titled, Rock n’ Roll Nightmare.  Released in 1987 and written by it’s star Canadian body builder/rock singer/wrestler Jon Mikl Thor, Rock n’ Roll Nightmare tells the story of an alleged rock band that sets up shop in a unbeknownst to them demonically possessed farmhouse so they can record their new album.  Unfortunately, some dick puppets demons and a giant grasshopper the Devil don’t like their shitty music and thus everyone sets out on a collision course to wackiness involving ridiculous music montages, Canadian accents and an uncomfortably long sex scene in the shower.  There isn't a trailer available for this movie online, but you can check out a remix clip reel someone made on YouTube below.  It should be noted that the music in this video is obviously not that of the shitty rock band in the film, Triton.  For an example of how much the band in the Rock n' Roll Nightmare DON'T rock, click here.  Otherwise, read on!

My expert guests for this episode are returning TEC guest, inventor of the “wrap-up rap” and former lead singer of the unknown punk band Major Major, comedian Nicole Lucas!  Plus brand new guest, hilarious comedian, fellow podcaster (check out Delicious Mediocrity) and guitar maestro Derek Sheen!  Come join us as we crack open some beers, talk about boobs, discuss our own musical pasts and rap about rapey vans!

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