Friday, December 17, 2010

TEC Podcast: Episode 16: Santa Said Oral

After a brief Thanksgiving holiday hiatus, The Enematic Cinematic Podcast is back with Episode 16!  This is the first episode in my December "Horrible Holidays" block with the horror holiday film, 1989's ELVES, starring Grizzly Adams Dan Haggerty and rubber puppets whose mouths never close!  A disgraced former detective and recovering alcoholic (Dan Haggerty) is forced to take a job as a mall Santa to pay his trailer park rent and in the process discovers a secret experimental breeding conspiracy involving the cute teenaged main character girl that works at the mall, elves, an old crippled German and Nazis!  Will Grizzly Adams be able to stop Nazi's little helpers before Tiffany Stacey Kirsten is sperminated?  Probably.

My guests this holiday fun and Nazi-laden episode are adorable comedians Jessica Strauss (who I thought would never speak to me again after making her watch El Muerto in Episode 7) and brand new guest, comedian Barbara Holm!  Together we discuss the complications of incest, the true meaning of the biblical story of Noah and his arc, the plague of public displays of affection and of course, the serious burn on Jews that Nazis considered Elves superior.  Sick burn!

You can download this and all TEC Podcast episodes for free from podbean site here or find us on iTunes.

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