Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TEC Podcast: Episode 18: Christmas Comes All Over Our Face!

 For Episode 18, we had a couple firsts on the podcast.  First, we watched our most recent movie yet, the fun for the whole family, 2005's SANTA'S SLAY starring ex-(I guess) WWF or WWE or whatever wrestler Goldberg and a cast of D-list ex-sitcom whoevers.  Second, we enjoyed the fuck out of this movie!  Santa (Goldberg) is actually the son of Satan and after losing a bet with an angel, he was forced to stopped murdering people every December 25th (once known as the Day of Slaying) for 1,000 years and had to instead bring joy and gifts and stuff.  in 2005, the 1,000 years are over and Santa goes on a ass-kicking, pile-driving, bloody rampage!  Only some teenage couple in a small Canadian town can stop him ( but don't worry, they suck at it for most of the movie).

My guests for this steroid-fueled episode are returning guest, comedian Danielle Radford and brand new guest, comedian Ross Parsons!  Together we discuss myself and Danielle's unexpected Goldberg hard-ons, awkward holiday gifts from family, the arduous task of Pokemon training, Ross' fears of Santa rape, push comedy metaphors to the limit and of course the awesome fucking movie that is, SANTA'S SLAY (check out the trailer below)!

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