Monday, December 27, 2010

TEC Podcast: Episode 17: You Can't Destroy Me!

It's a psychic/samurai/slasher for "Horrible Holidays" Episode 17!  Possibly one of the worst movies I've graced my guests with so far, 1982's BLOODBEAT starring a glowing samurai psychic ghost, a bunch of faux French rednecks and a Christmas tree in a couple of scenes.  A dude brings his hyper emotional/shy/secret slut girlfriend Sarah home to his parents cabin for the holidays and unfortunately for her, his family and his penis, a poltergeist in the form of a killer samurai decides to spread some yuletide fear!  Yeah. I'm still confused.

"Must. Not. Beef."
My guests who attempt to help me figure out this Christmas crap-fest are comedians and returning guests, Derek Sheen (host of the Delicious Mediocrity Podcast) and Emmett Montgomery (co-founder of The People's Republic of Komedy)! Also along for this beer and chip-fueled ride is brand new guest, comedian Yogi Paliwal (host of the Player's Room Podcast)! Together we discuss fat camp, French-fried hillbillies, violent masturbation and laser revenge all culminating in one guest's genuine freak out and our very first podcast walkout (not inspired by the movie)!

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