Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TEC's Horrible Holidays

The holidays are upon us Enemaniacs and to commiserate celebrate I've decided to have a "Horrible Holidays" theme for the month of December!  This means, all B-movie trailers, reviews, Suggested Shit, Home Video Turds and so on and so forth will be holiday horror movie themed (which is different from our usual theme, sort of)!  So horror fans of the blog delight and other people, sorry (but not really).  Not only does this stand for the all blog entries, but for the podcast as well.  After a holiday (the last one) inspired hiatus, new episodes will be back up starting in two days!  The first "Horrible Holiday" TEC Podcast will feature the underrated-crippled Nazi-incest-occult-killer elf-80's-holiday-fun fest, 1989's ELVES starring Grizzly Adams Dan Haggerty and an exciting cast of other people including some poorly made rubber puppets and the aforementioned Nazi in a wheelchair!  My guests on this episode will be elf-like (in adorableness and enjoyment of cookies) rays of sunshine/comedians Jessica Strauss and Barbara Holm!  You can check out the trailer for ELVES below.    

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