Wednesday, August 4, 2010

B-Movie Trailer of the Day! Kind of!

Seriously you guys... for the very first trailer post, I'm going to admit to a bit of false advertising.  This trailer for a never upcoming summer jam slasher is something I made for a film festival in Olympia, WA known as the aptly named, The Olympia Film Festival It was for the festival's program "All Freakin' Night!" (if you love shit movies and live in the area, you should hope on your Schwinn and get down there to check it out) which is a mini movie fest at the Capitol Theater where an audience of hundreds sip on their vodka Red Bulls, stuff their face holes with Cheetos and are treated to a slew of archival B-Movie badness from Midnight until 8:00 AM.

I promise that in the days to come, the trailers I post will be actual unintentionally funny movie trailers of pieces of poo people actually spent the time to complete, but until then, please enjoy my moment of self-indulgence,  "You Better Axe Somebody" starring TEC Podcast Episode 2 stars, comedians Danielle Radford and Nicole Lucas and other funny people!

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