Monday, August 30, 2010

TEC Podcast: Episode 5: Fuck You, Josh Dealy!

It's Episode 5 of The Enematic Cinematic Podcast!  On this epic episode, I give you a brand new turd viewing brought to me by suggestion of 1984's Scream For Help, directed by the visionary visionary behind Death Wish 1-3, Michael Winner!  That's three different times Charles Bronson unnecessarily shot minorities and sometimes white people and all thanks to this man (and possibly Republicans and guns)!  Unfortunately, nothing really explodes in this film unless you count the teenage hymens, but don't worry, thankfully the carnage and gore is just as graphic.  With me on this legendary episode our my visionary guests behind The Entertainment Show, One Night Only, The Adventure Buddies Series and laughter itself, comedians/filmmakers/action stars/"The Stranager" honorable "Genius Award" mentions and creators of some of the best jokes in fake British accents you'll ever hear, Kevin Clarke and Travis Vogt!  Legs are broken, lights come on, hip hop history is made and creepy special shout outs to TEC listeners Corbett and Jeff happen!  Also, we manage to work some Ninja Turtle nightmares in there.  Just listen!


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