Thursday, August 26, 2010

B-Movie Trailer of the Day!

This is the least ape-rapey pic I could find.
Listen, before you get mad or question my ethics, I just want to say I'm doing this not because I want to, but because I have to.  Remember that time I talked about this trailer making me uncomfortable (see Political Commentary of the B-Movie)?  Well, it still does and unless you're really fucked up artsy, it should make you as well.  1980's Tanya's Island, starring Prince's Vanity (the lady not the metaphysical thing), is about a woman somehow stranded on a deserted island with her so-so boyfriend whom she apparently just bones all day since they don't have jobs.  Tanya is stuck in a LOVE TRIANGLE between her agro boyfriend and a "blue-eyed man ape."  Yeah and no, they are not the same person.  Turns out it's like a more physically feasible King Kong, in the sex part being physically feasible way.  Sorry Enemaniacs, do not expect a podcast episode or review on this one because I don't think I'll ever be able to sit through this inner-species erotic shitfest.  And God knows I don't scare easily.  All that said, enjoy Vanity's crack induced career choices Tanya's Island . DISCLAIMER: No Vanity's were raped in the making of this film (allegedly) and no actual ape-suited men were actually subjected to Prince's sloppy seconds (allegedly).

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  1. As an atheist "Vanity" enthusiast, I can tell you that after watching this trailer for the first time, I've decided that if finding religion keeps a previous "Prince" protege fron delving further into the "Monkey Rape" film genre... maybe Jesus ain't such a bad thing after all. Ugh.