Sunday, August 22, 2010


You're in for a real treat for Episode 4 of The Enematic Cinematic Podcast, Enemaniacs!  It's a powerhouse of shits and giggles!  A time-traveling, gay ol' powerhouse!  First off, I've got two awesome guests, comedian Solomon Georgio and animator Mark "Pastey Boy" Allender! 

Now if that's not enough, and why would it be, the movie we are ripping apart in this episode is none other than the dino-sized shitberg, 1994's Tammy and the T-Rex starring a pre-tweezed, possibly pre-crazy Denise Richards as average high-school-aged cute nice girl Tammy and a pre-Deedles, pre-Dieseled Paul Walker as average high-school-aged football player Michael's brain in an animatronic T-Rex!  Lost?  Okay, I'll try to explain.

So the story is as follows, Tammy and Michael are boyfriend and girlfriend, but Tammy's asshole violent ex Billy is totally still into her.  For this reason, he and his ugly friends harass Michael and beat him up a lot.  After one of their usual pranks, Michael ends up in a coma.  His ambulance picked the wrong hospital though, because it just so happens mad Dr. Wachenstein (Terry Kiser) is in the market for a young healthy brain to put into his animatronic dinosaur for possibly, world domination of some kind!  Will Michael get back to his body in time?  Will Tammy still love his dino dick?  Will this movie ever come out on DVD?  These answers and more on the next episode!  If you want proof this piece of shit cinema actually exists and you don't have a VCR, the entire movie is available for viewing on YouTube.  Here the trailer to give you an idea why you should see this thing. Dino-charades people.  That shit HAPPENS.

TAMMY AND THE T REX: Movie Trailer. Watch more top selected videos about: Terry Kiser, Paul Walker

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