Friday, August 27, 2010


For this particular Episode 5 of TEC's riveting podcast, I bring you, by suggestion, Scream For Help from glorious 1984, directed by "Death Wish creator" Michael Winner and starring people who were the necessary age and gender for their roles when this film was made.  The made-for-TV-movie film is about a young girl, Christie (Melissa Gilbert Rachael Kelly) who is certain her foxy step-dad, Scott Fox (Ryan O'Neal David Brooks) is trying to kill her mother for their implied (through visual aids, but not really talked about) wealth.  Unfortunately no one, even the town's Canadian commissioner believes her teenage tomfoolery of tall tales.  Not to be ignored, she writes about her personal struggles in her journal a lot and we are privileged to view/hear personal readings from her many instances of inner monologue with sad accompanying music.  Sigh.
"Did someone say pancakes?"

Anyhow, the film is mostly about Christie's fairly shitty Nancy Drewesque attempts to foil her step-dad's possible plot by getting either an eyewitness account of his deadly douchebaggery or photographic evidence.  Along the way we are treated to unnecessarily graphic 80's boobage, AMAZING dialogue, ridiculous musical segues, copious amounts of virgin blood, a shitty wonkier-boobed Kim Catrallesque bad girl, a ketchup hand job and at least one awkwardly long conversation about blueberry pancakes.  Intrigued?  Well, you should be and more importantly, you should have a VCR to watch this thing because it's not available on laser disc or digital video disc yet.  Bummer.

"Omigod!  I totally just got AIDS!"
The silver lining is, I have two unabashedly rugged and robust special guests this week, comedians/sketch performers/action stars/filmmakers Kevin Clarke and Travis Vogt who are not only brilliant, robust (did I already say that?) and hilarious, but are also employees of Seattle's own Scarecrow Video and suggested this very film we sort of watched!  Hymens were broken, lives were changed and an unbeknownst scandalous truth is unearthed involving your Enematic host and TEC's Producer Mark!

So if you want to do some homework, check out Scream For Help, available now on video cassette (or just watch it in parts on YouTube here) or check out any and all videos by Clarke The Vogt Productions on!  Also, if you can't wait and have ten minutes to kill, you can check out Part 1 of Scream For Help below!  

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