Sunday, August 22, 2010

TEC Podcast: Episode 4: Hold On To Your Boobs, Girl!

It's Episode 4 of the TEC Podcast and this one is a shit-slinging doozy of jurassic porportions (PUNS)!  It's not that epic, but it was pretty painfully bad.  It's 1994's Walker: T-Rex Dinosaur Tammy and the T-Rex starring a fresh eyebrowed Denise Richards and ten whole minutes of a young denim-covered Paul Walker!  With me on this time-traveling, gay stereotype and ankh filled episode are comedian and "The Stranger" Gong Show winner Solomon Georgio plus artist/animator and "The Stranger" Hump Fest regular, Mark "Pasteyboy" Allender!  So there's no Jeff Goldblum, but this movie has the distinction of having the one and only ever cinematic "testicular standoff"!  Plus, dino-shoulder brushing and ass petting!  Don't worry, it's not bestiality if the animal is extinct.  I'd still watch out for those puppet arms though, they seem a little rapey.

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  1. My dad doesn't like my brain boyfriend. Haha!