Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hold on to your tampon strings bitches because The Enematic Cinematic Podcast is back with a brand new shit ass movie and new victims special guests to keep me company through it's lasting cold and loneliness!  Too real?  Okay, anyway...I take that back because there's nothing cold about haggard hot babes kicking ass and taking showers!  I guess it can get a little cold if those babes are being harassed by sexual sadist/rapist Wendy O. Williams of the Plasmatics, but shit, you better man up ladies because this is fucking reform school!  You will leave here reformed if it's the last thing Wendy O. Williams' dirty fists does!

That's right non-existent reader, we're talking about 1986's Reform School Girls starring aforementioned Wendy O. Williams, 1983's Sybil Danning (Amazon Women on the Moon, Panther Squad) and some people's moms!  Since this is a sensitive subject matter that can truly only be appreciated by a couple of on and off heteroflexibles like myself, I decided to have a vag-centric episode featuring her-larious Seattle comedians, Danielle Radford and Nicole Lucas!  Barriers will be broken!  Vaginas will be monologued!  Ladies will be spanked and menses will be had!  Don't miss it!

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