Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Political Commentary of the B-Movie

Womens prison where the prisoners are like, women!

B-Movies, specifically the horror/schlock/exploitation genre, are often a reflection of the times.  This shittily-made form of social commentary has boldly tackled social taboos (or perpetuated stereotypes) happening in their respective current spectrum of human society for generations (shut up, that IS a sentence).

Listen, if you're going to have more than one black person in a movie, it becomes a "black" film, right?  That means you have to have the word "black" in the title.  It's just a rule.  Also, exploiting a woman's fear of rape and or people's disabilities is entertaining.  Obviously.  For example, if you are scared of being raped by someone retarded, there is a B-movie out there just to scare assholes like you.  Political correctness aside, if you don't believe me (or just don't care), here are some examples of B-Movies brave enough to tackle human politics. 


Based on the true tales of Cybil Danning!
"Chopsticks" was just too much.
I guess this movie forgot to include gender stereotypes too.


  Is Bette Midler in this one?

The statistics of women raped by fire are pretty sobering.


Coke ain't no joke you guys.
Teenagers, our last natural source of fossil fuel!


Before "Juno" made it cool. Also, are you a teenager at 14?

Why not try not being a hooker?


"Aw babe, you shouldn't have!"
"Considah dis a davorce!"


This trailer made me really uncomfortable.


Insert chimo joke here.
Forgive me Father for I like this movie.

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