Wednesday, September 29, 2010


"Hey, can I ask your daughter to prom?"
I know I've been slacking on podcast posts lately, but I finally put down the cheese puffs and PBR can for a minute to bring you an exciting sneak peek for this week's episode of...The Enematic Cinematic Podcast!  The film we tortured ourselves with last week was 1985's Ninja Turf aka L.A. Street Fighters.  Either way, everyone is Asian.  Well, mostly.  Ninja Turf tells the story of a guy that moves to a new high school in a new city, I think.  The new guy then has karate battles with a local gang, I think.  Then the new guy possibly starts dating the sister of either the leader of the gang he fought with at first or the leader of some other karate gang.  Then there is some side story about working for some big time drug dealer and eventually the new guy and original enemy guy become buddies...listen, it was really shittily dubbed and dark as fuck so for the most part we couldn't tell.  Think Fast and the Furious or Rad if you're familiar.  What I do know is no one was in a ninja suit and everyone who is supposed to be in high school is at bare minimum, 42 years old.  Check out the mind numbing blowing clip below.

For Episode 9, my guests include current and former employees of Seattle's own, Scarecrow Video, one of the largest independent video stores in the country!  They have almost EVERYTHING.  I rent all of my movies from there.  If you're into rare, hard to find cinematic gold or garbage (which are often the same thing), they most likely have it.  Even if it was only released on VHS or in PAL format, it's probably there.  My Scarecrow guests include, Rich Grendzinski, Matt Lynch, Laird Jimenez and Marc PalmMarc actually does alot of advertisement and display artwork for Scarecrow and is a pretty amazing artist in his own right.   You can check out his blog and his artwork here.

With a record breaking number of knowledgeable guests and a record-breaking shit dick of an awful film, how could you go wrong faithful listener?  Check out the trailer for Ninja Turf below, maybe you can figure out the plot better than we did.   

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