Saturday, September 11, 2010

TEC Podcast: Episode 7: My Body Es Like A Battlefield!

It's TEC's very first Mexi-centric episode!  In honor of Hispanic Heritage month (September), I give you a muy especial Episode 7 of The Enematic Cinematic Podcast starring guacamole, several cervezas and mi especial guests, comedians and fellow partial Mexicans, Jessica Strauss and Corbett Cummins!  In this personal and incredibly ethno-centric episode, we delve a little into our own Hispanic heritage while also feeling the aftermath of el muy mal movie that is 2007's El Muerto known in the U.S. as The Dead One.  Based off an independent comic created by Javier Hernandez, El Muerto tells the story of a Mexican teen, Juan Diego, whose soul is stolen after a tragic car accident on his way to a Dia Del Los Muertos party by an Aztec god (yes, it's THAT Mexican) who plans to use him to bring soul sacrifices to the Land of the Dead.  Sort of like a Mexican Spawn or The Crow.  Diego tells the God he can chupar his gallo and instead uses his new found invunerabilty and abilities to heal to become a super hero.  Well, that's the comic.

Take that Brandon Lee!
The movie, starring Wilmer Valderrama from That 70's Show follows this story up until the fuck the God part and instead tells the story we didn't care about, involving Diego crying in the rain a lot, having Aztec God related panic attacks and thinking about the girlfriend he left behind.  There's also a skinny Jewish friend played by Joel Moore of Grandma's Boy fame thrown in for comic relief that never ends up being funny.  Check out the trailer below.


Though the movie was a siesta, Jessica, Corbett and I learn not only to embrace every part of ourselves, but that Spanish rape isn't that bad, Maria Conchita Alonso did not age well, what Corbett's "O" face looks like and there is in fact, a worse comic book adaptation than The PunisherViva La Raza y Escuchar Mis Amigos (that means listen, homes)!      

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Brown Pride From Left to Right: Corbett Cummins, Jessica Strauss, Elicia Sanchez


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