Saturday, September 4, 2010

TEC Podcast: Episode 6: I Didn't Know She Was 15!

On this barely legal, under age episode of The Enematic Cinematic Podcast, I bring you 1983's Spacehunter: Adventures in Molly Ringwald's the Forbidden Zone in unintentional 2-D!  Though I generally do a preview for each podcast episode, this one, in true intentional 3-D fashion, needs to just be all up in yo face!  Spacehunter: AITFZ, stars an underage Molly Ringwald as Nikki, a young rebellious space waif who just got her boobies and Peter Strauss as Wolff, our chiseled hero!  Also, Michael Ironside as the bald baddie Overdog, who lives on a crane!  Also, Ernie Hudson is in it sometimes.  Wolff, a middle-aged Earther/alleged adventurer decides to seek a bounty promised after the rescue of three pretty Earther ladies who have been kidnapped by the crane-aided Overdog so he can suck their boobies life essence!  Along the way he finds dirty little scav Nikki who he forces into a sponge bath and eventually shares a tin foil sleeping bag with.  Uncomfortable yet?  See the trailer below!

Crane mounting and claw hands, the mobility of the future!
 It gets better!  On this trip to the unknown reaches of Utah space, I brought along with me comedian and co-founder of Seattle's own Peoples Republic of Comedy, Mr. Emmett "Mustache" Montgomery as well as comedian, Comedy Underground co-host and co-podcaster (Delicious Mediocrity), Mr. Joe "He Fucking Goes There" Henry!  Personal boundaries are tested, boners discussed and I bring the podcast to a stand still while managing to disturb Emmett and make Joe speechless!  A must hear feat Enemaniacs!


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