Thursday, September 30, 2010

TEC Podcast: Episode 9: We Came For The Rumble

It’s Episode 9 of The Enematic Cinematic Podcast and for this record breaking episode, I give you a record-breaking piece of shit movie and also a record-breaking number of podcast guests!  This week I invited four guests knowledgeable in the fine art of both golden and garbage cinema and also current and former employees of Seattle’s own, Scarecrow Video, one of the largest independent video stores in the country!  My guests are Rich Grendzinski, Matt Lynch, Laird Jimenez and Marc Palm and with them they brought a movie that you will most likely only find at Scarecrow, 1985’s Ninja Turf aka L.A. Street Fighters.   The story of this film is simple, I think.  Boy goes to new school.  Boy karate fights with forty year-old bullies, boy meets girl then boy meets drug dealer and a bunch of Mexicans with knives.  It only gets better from there.

If you’re easily offended by poor taste and prefer focus and structure, do NOT listen to this cluster fuck of a podcast!  If you want to hear about a secret elderly night school, the fine art of knife fighting, a Inland Empire tie-in and the best damn dick name we’ve come across in the HISTORY of the podcast, then you must listen, NOW!

To watch the trailer and other clips from Ninja Turf, check out the sneak peak for this episode here!

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